Nikolaos Sarafianos

My friends call me Nikos, and I work as a research scientist at Meta Reality Labs where I'm focusing on 3D generative models with applications to virtual humans. In the past I've worked on 3D reconstruction, dense correspondences and neural rendering. I obtained my Ph.D. from the University of Houston where I worked on 3D human pose estimation, visual attributes and text-to-image retrieval. I currently serve as a mentor at Deep Learning Indaba.


  • Mar. 2024: 3 Papers accepted to CVPR 2024
  • Dec. 2023: Our work on hybrid implicit surface reconstruction has been accepted to AAAI 2024
  • July 2023: Our work on neural surface fields for human modeling has been accepted to ICCV 2023
  • Mar. 2023: Our work on viewpoint-independent video editing with 3D GANs has been accepted to CVPR 2023
  • Oct. 2022: Our work Pose-NDF, won the best paper honorable mention award at ECCV 2022
  • July 2022: 2 Papers accepted to ECCV 2022
  • June 2022: Happy to welcome Anna Frühstück from KAUST as a Research Intern at Reality Labs Research
  • Mar. 2022: 2 Papers accepted to CVPR 2022

Work Experience

                         Research Scientist (June 2019 - Present)

            Research Scientist Intern (Summer 2018)
      Research Scientist Intern (Summer 2017)