Garment3DGen: 3D Garment Stylization and Texture Generation

Meta Reality Labs

arxiv 2024

Garment3DGen stylizes the geometry and textures of real and fantastical garments that we can fit on top of parametric bodies and simulate.

3D Garment Generation and Applications

Mesh Deformations

Applications: Hand-Garment interaction in VR

Applications: Sketch to 3D Garment

Qualitative Results

Garment3DGen: Architecture

Given an RGB image we first perform 3D reconstruction using single image to multi-view consistent image generation techniques. We use this output mesh as 3D pseudo-ground-truth to guide a mesh deformation process to deform an input mesh geometry to match the target. Our output geometries preserve the sturcture and topology of the input geometry (as seen by the UV colors of the input and output geometries), contain holes in the neck/arms/waist areas such that they can be fit to bodies and are of good mesh quality to be physically simulated. Finally we generate high-resolution UV texture maps that are faithful to the input image to obtain the final 3D garment asset.

Garment3DGen video (contains sound)


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